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Guns for All Americans supporting their 2nd Ammendment Right to " Bear Arms " . AR's to Uzi's If they make it We Sell it ! All Brands of Guns. Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers and Shotguns to enhance your Shooting Experience.


Liability :

Not having control over the use of the products on this website, we assume NO Liability connected with their use. Under NO circumstances are we or the manufacturer liable for any loses, damages, or expenses of any kind arising out of the use or inability to use these products in a safe manner !


Shooters - Gallery

 We dont just Sell FireArms, We Instruct You How to Safely Handle, Shoot, Maintain and Store Them.

After 5 Good Years of Dealing with a Majority of Good Folks , This will be Our Last Due to the Whinny Bitch Ass KeyBoard Commando's who are Out For Trolling and Complaining !!!
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 The Fundamental NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling Are :


* ALWAYS Keep the Gun Pointed in a Safe Direction.


* ALWAYS Keep your Finger OFF the Trigger until Ready to Shoot.


* ALWAYS Keep the Gun Unloaded until Ready to Use.


  When Using or Storing a Gun, ALWAYS Follow These NRA Rules:


* Know your Target and what is beyond.

* Know how to use the Gun Safely

* Be sure the Gun is Safe to operate.

* Use only the Correct Ammunition for your Gun.

* Wear Eye and Ear Protection as Appropriate.

* Never use Alcohol or Drugs before or while shooting.

* Store Guns so they are Not Accessible to Unauthorized persons.

* Be Aware that certain types of Guns and many Shooting Activities require Additional Safety precautions.



Firearm purchases must ship to a Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer and the customer must PASS an NICS check to receive the firearm from their Firearm dealer. Firearms are NON-Returnable and NON-Refundable regardless if the customer takes possession as ALL Sales are FINAL. You may be required to pay sales Tax in your jurisdiction as appropriate.


WARNING; Discharging and cleaning of Firearms may cause exposure to Lead.